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Why Smokin Solutions?

The Smokin Solutions range of products provides the perfect answer to organisations or establishments that require a flexible, attractive, and enduring solution for their outside smoke area.

With products designed for a commercial rather than domestic environment our philosophy is built upon keeping your customers Warm, Dry and your outside area Clean; essential elements of any successful outside smoke area solution.

Warmth - comes from our Eco-Quartz Energy Saving heater and lights whose state of the art power management system helps provide your customers with the perfect climate all year round.

Dry - is via our Fully Enclosed Compact Cassette Style Awning, which is motorised for ease of use and whose handy remote control can also operate two heaters.

Clean - we offer a wide selection of ash disposal containers to ensure your smoke area remains clean and tidy.

When using our products you will quickly realise that the Smokin Solutions brand stands not only for exceptional quality, reliability and customer service but also for a high degree of technical innovation, flair and style.

What will your solution be?

City SolutionThe new legislation can be confusing, take our simple online test to find the best possible outdoor smoking area solution.

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Things you need to know

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